It’s coming fall is in the air

You can feel it coming shorter days cooler nights lower temperatures it’s the sign of some quality fishing just around the corner.  Fall is starting to show up and that means the fish will be putting on the feed bag to bulk up for winter.  the next 3 to 5 weeks will be some of the best Fishing of the season. I will be trolling and Blade Bait fishing for Trout and Salmon along with the Bass and Pan Fish. I am taking booking for these adventures besides a chance for some outstanding fishing you can also enjoy watching the City change it’s season. In a few weeks there will be less swim suits and more sweat shirts sailboats will be making their way back down river for there winter storage yards. Traffic will be less and less on the river things will slow down and fishing will speed up. If your looking for a once in a Life time Adventure to fish the Chicago River and Shores of Lake Michigan now is the time to book a Trip.